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Episode 24: Like a Phoenix

How do you return to something after being away from it for so long? We wondered the same thing. So instead of planning a party, agonizing over it for hours, we just decided to start from where we’re at. Still somewhere in the middle…. still married… still parents… and still trying to figure things out. Although a lot has changed in the time that we have been away, we have a little kid now instead of a toddler, for example, the one thing that remained was we still enjoy getting together to podcast. So, we decided to return to talk about all the things that make our life, LIFE. It’s not always easy but most of the time we can find something interesting, entertaining or something that’s going to make us better the next go around.  This season, we explore what life is like raising a little boy.  When you venture into a new region of the United States that is unlike anywhere you’ve ever lived, and how you keep it together in work, marriage, and just in general.  We’ll also bring on some guests as if there’s been anything positive that has come from this post-pandemic time, it’s that we are now better able to maneuver virtually, which means more virtual opportunities and virtual guests!

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