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Season 2,

EPISODE 13: Season 2 Opener

September 06, 2018

In which our couple explores a whole new year.

SEASON 2! Very excited to have our listeners back. Here’s a recap and what’s to come.

3:00 The Favorites: Linds: Bad Santa, Bad Neighbors

3:36: Good feedback on Nursery Rhymes

4:35 Least favorite: takes time, get pumped up. Kyle’s least favorite ‘where’ s the love’

Fan Favoritate

8:53: Guest Favorite: Thanksgiving Episode Interview

9:30 Where we are today?

15:00 Intermission

16:45 Turning 36 is the new turning 40… for some.

21:10 In the USA, the average age at which women bore their first child is 28 years old in 2017… we’re past that… but you all are catching up!

I shouldn’t have broght this up… first time to lose virginity is: 16.8 in women, 17.2 in men… according to theĀ The Kinsey InstituteĀ 

21:58 Where is the love… 10 years of merriage. Average age of marriage 25, we’re old in grand scheme.

23:25 Thanks Frozen!

24:00 Linds goes boring with inclines. But gets it back with riding a skateboard.

26:34 What’s next?

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