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Season 1,

EPISODE 9: Wake Up Bunnies!: Nursery Rhymes

January 18, 2018

In which our couple explores the previously unknown world of nursery rhymes.


1:04 Earworms! Here’s one for you.

And another. WAKE UP BUNNIES!

4:30, From Disney Junior, to Barney, to Sesame Street, to Little Baby Bum. Nursery Rhyme HELL.

6:45, Interesting facts on Buck Sergeant Donald Fauntleroy Duck.
He’s colorblind, flat footed, has no brain: No problem for the Army!




  1. Melissa D. says:

    Fun episode! Love learning about the origins of nursery rhymes and fairy tales. But as a children’s librarian I’m constantly getting children’s songs in my head so I feel you! Laurie Berkner is the worst for this, her songs are so catchy.

    1. somewhereinthemiddle says:

      Thank you so much! I’m not sure whether to thank you for a new YouTube channel for the little one, or to curse you for something so catchy.

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