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Season 1,

EPISODE 3: To List, or Not to List?

September 19, 2017

In which our couple discusses a few interesting lists that struck a little too close to home…

Show Notes

1:13: How raising children is like the zombie apocalypse

8:40 Show Question: If raising your child is like the zombie apocalypse, how is your experience with raising a child like a zombie apocalypse? Comment here.

8:57 How to reach us or respond to our questions:
Twitter: @sitm_life
Facebook: /

11:44: Article Discussion: Sorry to break it to you husbands, but wifes do some pretty F-ed up things behind your backs

10:27: #1 We’ve definitely compared ourselves to your ex.

13:30 #2 We’ve also secretly kept up with what our ex is up to via social media.
Bonus Study: 9 out of 10 Facebook Users Keep Tabs on their Exes
Bonus Study: Facebook-Stalking Your Ex: Or, How NOT to Move On

13:36: #3 What to do when you break up: Social Media Accounts

14:10: #4 We have bought something and hidden it from you. Linds’ secret chocolate caper. Kyle’s secret breakfast hiding disorder.

16:44 We’ve pretended to like the horrible gift you got us

18:15 #5 We’ve definitely faked a headache or cramps to get out of sex

19:33 #6 We’ve definitely faked an orgasm (study)
Bonus Study: Nearly 80% fake half their orgasms… sounds about right.

22:26 #7 Pretended to like friend/family/coworker we couldn’t stand

23:15 #8 Used your razor to shave our legs

24:36 #9 We’ve told you we were having a girls night in when in reality we were having a girls night out

25:22 #10 We’ve come home drunk as hell and told you we’ve only had a drink or two

27:28 #11 Bought snacks and hidden

28:12 #12 We’ve asked for your opinion between two outfits and had already made up our minds

30:07 #13 We’ve taken casual glances at your text, emails or social media and made some adjustments

32:07 We definitely said nothing was wrong when we were clearly pissed

34:32 BONUS: How to best deal with a fight with a spouse (Study unfound)

36:08 We’ve thrown away an ugly piece of your clothing because we just couldn’t take it anymore

39:02 We’ve totally had to dumb things down for you

39:46 We’ve broke lost or damaged something of yours and blamed it on someone else.

40:28  We’ve bitched about you behind your back to our besties

44:23 For as much shit we talk about you we boost you up more

45:38 Show Question: Asking listeners for any shit you do that your spouse doesn’t know about, let us know? Comment here.

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