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Season 2,

EPISODE 15: Failures in Staying Young

October 04, 2018

In which our couples talk about failed pursuits at staying young.

2:30 Linds is already a winner.

6:50 Linds can’t finish a puzzle

9:00 Write a will… All her money goes to me anyway.
10 Tips in Writing a Will

14:20 Keep America Beautiful Kids!

16:00 Pull an all-nighter

17:45 Learn 30 new words…
Here’s 46 words she should have learned.

21:45 Intermission

23:33 A 30 year old… skateboarding?

29:12 Kyle offers his suggestions.

Whatchu got against red heads?

33:30 Geocaching… there’s an app for that.

36:35 Get regular with your docs

38:00 Master 5 cocktails

41:00 We like our cussing folks.

43:30 Share your goals!

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