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Season 1,

EPISODE 11: Neighbors: Good, Bad, Somewhere in the Middle?

February 12, 2018

In which our couple speak on the topic of neighbors. How to be a good one, a bad one, and how we fall somewhere in the middle.

Show Notes:

Before I start, this is one thing I wanted to include in this podcast as far as home security:

0:30 If you are here by mistake, please stay. Be sure to subscribe based on your phone platform (at top of page). And to like or follow us on social media.

1″20 Bush and Run?

6:30 The social butterfly: Kyle

Not me mowing grass…

11:30 Are we the bad neighbors?

18:30 Linds’ traumatic neighbor experience.

20:30 Interlude!

24:00 Another sweet interruption

28:40 Pizza a house, breaking bad style.

35:35 Good neighbor etiquette?


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