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Season 1,

EPISODE 1: Let the Adventure Begin

September 08, 2017

In which our couple discuss the genesis of our humble podcast, as well as each other’s tendencies.

Show Notes

0:35: Show Question: Linds’ email vent, how to deal with emails that ruin your evening? Comment here.

4:50: Devil, or Vindictive Bitch?

6:09: Where can you find us?
Twitter: @sitm_life
Facebook: /

10:20: Reasons for the podcast, you are not alone

13:58: About your hosts
Who’s in a power position, the one who willingly cedes control with vito power or the one that makes the decisions?

17:35: Off Grid enterprises designs, builds, installs and repairs solar and wind turbine renewable energy systems for residential, commercial, and remote areas or call (405) 898-9190 to receive a no obligation quote on your next renewable energy project.

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One comment

  1. John says:

    Linds, you only have to remember who your employer is and that you represent them. Be careful that you aren’t so offensive in your email (if you go the devil route) that it gets back to your employer and causes some embarrassment. One more thing….lay off the kid!! lol

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