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Episode 25: Snow Buck vs. Snow Doe vs. Snow Kit

Anytime you move to a new location, you’re going to have a new experience. Every new location comes with a new culture.  Right? Whether you have to adjust from saying “pop” to “coke” when moving from one state to another.  Whether you put up ALL your winter coats because you relocate from harsh winter weather to a climate that only goes from hot to hotter. Having relocated a few times now, we are “pros” or somewhat pros and adjusting to these new cultures.  However, it’s not interesting to learn what’s new in our new state.

One of the very first things that were apparent and obvious when we moved to our new home was the impact religion has in this state and in the community. With 85% (this is not a matter-of-fact statistic, just something that is frequently spouted off as the “known statistic”) being LDS, the influence this religion has on the community is immediately noticed.   In fact, you can’t miss the GIANT temple that sits on the hill as you enter the community. If that’s not enough of a sign, I don’t know what is.  We discuss other impacts in the podcast, but religion more so than anywhere else that we have lived, definitely plays the largest role as far as influence.

Another dominant influence is the weather.  When it’s cold, IT IS COLD.  And when the sun shines down on you in early August, it’s like you are two inches away from the sun. IT BURNS. And whether for sure tells people what they should do. Meaning, in the winter, we ski. In the summer we hike or kayak. And the garages here are a testament to that. Outdoor enthusiasts are welcome because this is the place for you. And even though the cohost is “meh” about the weather here, as you’ll hear in the podcast, the other host ABSOLUTELY loves everything about it and how it creates the perfect Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. Hoodies year-round, yes, please.

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