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  1. Lucas H. says:

    The UK is amazing.

    Sister Amanda is visiting this weekend. she liked Mr. Lear too. I didn’t get the pleasure of Mr. Lear. Mrs. Armstrong & Mrs. Duncan were my math teachers in middle school and neither were influential in doing anything but making me hate math. She (Amanda) also thinks that witnessing Kyle dislocate his shoulder in our front yard was disturbing. I vividly recall Kyle’s first dislocated shoulder as he slid into 3rd base at the local babe ruth diamond. The ball got away and we all wanted Kyle to pop up and score on the overthrow. But he remained laying on third base in a heap.

    Daniel Joseph H. was left out as one of Kyle’s biggest influence’s. Dan was 3 & 4 years older than us so he always beat our ass at everything. So much so that Kyle occasionally no longer want to come over to our house. Amanda remembers Dan substitute teaching at the high school and giving Kyle a ride home. And making her take the bus home. So…..

    Staples of my friendship with Kyle… Major League, Blazing Saddles, Pizza King pizza, APBA baseball and Nintendo. Good times..

    My favorite Yogi quote – “I never said most of the things I said.”

    1. somewhereinthemiddle says:

      So much to unpack here:
      1) Every time I watch Lethal Weopon I cringe. That dislocated shoulder sucked.
      2) Yes, Dan was missed. Collectively the whole family played a huge part in my (Kyle’s) upbringing and memories. That’s funny about the ride home. I vaguely remember that, but not that Amanda had to take the bus, Ha!
      2) 100% on the staples.
      4) That’s a good Yogi-ism. There’s so many good ones. I don’t think I got to share my list of the ones I like. This is my favorite:
      “You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.”

      Really appreciate the comment, Luke!

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