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About Our Podcast Family


The Host

Linds is a marketing professional by day and a keeping it together wife/mother by night. When she’s not coming up with super creative marketing ideas, she’s driving the child to one of his many activities or sneaking a drink of a wine cooler between one of her reality shows. She loves her family and longs for the day that she can watch her reality TV shows without a single interruption.


The Co-Host/Producer

Kyle is a marketing professional. He’s a husband, dad, video gamer and skillful grill master. If he’s not wrangling the kid and his many friends outside, or stepping on a toy, he can be found in his mancave playing games or streaming shows.


The Supporting Character

Our kid is all boy with a side of comedy. When he’s not inviting someone on a playdate or at one of his many activities, he is playing a video game, watching his iPad or watching something on TV. He prefers playing with his friends over anything…except he can sometimes be a momma’s boy.

Mr. Burns

The Supporting Pet

Mr. Burns is the family pet. Adopted from PetSmart, this feline has been with the family in every house that has ever been purchased and in ALMOST every state. He’s traveled from east coast to west coast and prefers Kyle’s lap over anything.

Support The Show

We bring our lives to you at a cost. We love doing this project for your entertainment, and if you enjoy the show we do accept listener support.


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